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By recommending their clients purchase from our Private Event Insurance or WedSafe programs, leading venues across the United States reduce the impact of liability claims and property damage – and rising insurance rates – on their business. Is your venue one of them?

If not, here's how you can obtain enhanced protection by making Private Event Insurance or WedSafe the only event liability programs you recommend:

  • Primary Coverage for venues and your client when you are both named in a suit
  • Your approved Certificate special wording kept on file
  • An affordable and easy coverage solution for your clients

Primary Coverage you can count on
– Our liability coverage is primary coverage if both you and your client are named in a claim and your client is found to be solely at fault: If such a claim occurs, Our policies will pay first, before any other insurance coverage you have. This may help keep your own general liability rates down.

If your clients purchase special event liability coverage through other channels, you may never be sure whether your venue is truly protected too. Not all policies extend primary coverage to the venue, and some insurers offer it but charge extra for it.

Because insurance products can vary so much and be so hard to understand, clients can experience frustration trying to find coverage that will satisfy their venue's requirements. This can lead to dissatisfaction with the venue itself for making things "difficult."

With WedSafe and Private Event Insurance, everything is easy and secure for both you and your clients.

We offer your clients a simple online purchase at attractive price levels, plus expert, friendly customer service.

As a referring venue, you can count on also receiving that same level of service from us. If you have questions or concerns or would like us to send you a free supply of brochures, just contact us.

 Benefits to Your Clients


As an event planning professional, you know ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of your clients on some of the happiest days of their lives is essential. The ease and affordability of the our sinsurance olutions can help make liability coverage requirements less of a worry for your clients.

  • Easy to purchase
  • Friendly customer service
  • No hassles
  • Great value


Not just Liability Coverage -- Private Event Insurance and WedSafe offer easy Event Cancellation options too. If your clients need to cancel at the last minute through no fault of their own, they may feel like you are the bad guy for not returning their deposit. You need to protect your business, but keeping clients happy is important too. Your customers can choose from various levels of Special Event Cancellation coverage. Coverage up to $175,000 is available.


If you have questions or concerns or would like us to send you a free supply of brochures, just contact us or call our Client Relationship Specialists toll-free at 1 (877) 723-3933.


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